Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I will meditate

Today I will meditate on the the 13 goals of a witch.

I have a number of mindless tasks to accomplish today, and as I go about them I want to ponder the meanings of each of the goals.

I often have had to refer back to the list that I have written so an added benefit will be to commit them to memory.

Recently a good friend of mine asked me about my "religion." I had to search a bit to find my written list so I could tell him. I'm not Wiccan, I'm not anything that would fall into a labeled dogma, but the ideas on the list (only slightly modified) come fairly close. I fall basically into the Pagan category, and Druidic so far seems the closest. The witch's goals are fairly solid and can be found in many religions. I think they're good guidelines and worth the meditation time.

I think the hardest goal for most people is to celebrate life.
Here's your meditation challenge: What do you do to celebrate life?

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