Monday, August 4, 2008


"Lughnasadh is a time of personal reflection and harvest, of our actions and deeds, events and experiences, our gains and losses. A time when we begin the cycle of reflection of that which is our life. A period for personal fertility magic to ensure the bountiful harvest of life's gifts and experiences, that which we have reaped though trial, tribulation, enjoyment, joy, love and loss." -Christina Aubin (Witchvox)

I couldn't sleep. My dreams were dominated by a coffee shop named Positive Energy. This dreamscape coffee shop served simple foods and simple coffees, situated near college, with an apartment above and entrances in the front and back for patrons. It was quieter than another (actual) coffee shop in town.

Recently, other dreams bothered my sleep. Dreams of missing classes, delayed graduation and school-related tears and frustration.

As I fluttered between waking and sleep, Blue, our Russian Blue cat, became restless as well, nosing around my face, patting me with his paw on my cheek, and licking my arm. This is not unusual - he often arrives to pester me in the mornings well before the alarm clock.

So I got up.

It's the first Monday of Lughnasadh, so, prompted by my unrest and the recurring impact of my dreams, I cleared my altar and took my cauldron of Midsummer herbs that had dried since Solstice, out to the deck and burned them, focusing on wellness, productivity, diligence and prosperity for me and my husband. I circled my dominant hand through the smoke to spread the energy to its work and ran my finger along the edge of the cauldron to further focus the working.

Then I broadened my focus to include my close friends, then broadened even further to include my regular friends.

As the fire began to die back, Blue, whom I had just noticed watching my working, entered the circle unbidden from the East and traveled deosil around the deck pausing briefly at different points - though not THE points. Coincidence or design? I'm not sure, but I'll except the connection with nature and thank him for his assistance with some tuna later.

Within the cauldron of herbs was a pentacle necklace, that I had removed months ago. I decided it was too heavy (metaphysically) and needed cleansing. It sat on the altar for a while in a container of salt, then was moved to beneath a white candle, then was placed within the cauldron midst the herbs.

The burning herbs melted away the wax and the ambient energy of the herbs and the focused working now lays within the pentacle. I will start carrying it in my pocket and rubbing it with my fingers to bring back its shine.

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